Infrared Thermography Level 1 Training

PHII now offers the full Level 1 Infrared Thermography Course online!

Infrared cameras have come down in price considerably over the last 5 years and have now become a common tool in the home inspector / mold inspector's toolbag. The Level 1 Infrared Thermography Course will teach you the fundamentals of thermography, the basics of infrared cameras, camera operation, camera settings, and introduce some of the physics concepts behind thermography.

The Level 1 Thermography Course meets all Level I NDT recommendations for thermal/infrared testing, as established by the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT). After completing the course, you will receive a Level I Infrared Thermographer Certification. Furthermore, you will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to begin your infrared thermography career!

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Infrared Camera - Level 1 Infrared Course
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